Robbery Murder in Elaine, Arkansas Tonight

We will bring more details upon receipt, however, at this time it has been reported that a female assailant allegedly robbed the store in Elaine. The assailant allegedly shot and killed the male store owner while shooting and causing injury to his wife. As we are provided with details, we will share them.

9:10 p.m.
We were just provided with the name of the deceased, Mr. Edmond Fong. The store was Elaine Grocery on Main Street in Elaine.

Fong Grocery
108 Main Street
Elaine, AR 72333
Phone: (870) 827-6213

About James F. Valley

I am married to the former Elizabeth James. I am a member of First Baptist MB Church. I have had a very interesting career in Helena-West Helena. I have taught in the Public School. I have taught high school students at the local community college. I have practiced law in Arkansas and Mississippi and handled cases at all levels of those state courts and federal cases up to the circuit court level. I support the CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Cougars. I support the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS. I believe that we can make a difference in the lives of those around us, if only we will try.
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One Response to Robbery Murder in Elaine, Arkansas Tonight

  1. Sylvia says:

    This is really sad news..I hate to hear about this happening in Elaine…Mr. Fong was always very courteous to me & my family when we came down to visit.. I live in Michigan but still have family in Elaine..Every time I came to visit I would go visit his store.I was just down last year for a family reunion, he was smiling saying “Where you been”:-) ?…Will keep the family in my prayers..Wish his wife the best, i hope she pulls through.

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